Growth Plan


4 Ways to Grow your Business

  • Operations: Using your existing cash flow can take a lot of time and you will be responsible for all aspects of the business while limiting how quick you can grow.
  • Debt: Generally, requires a personal guarantee that the debt will be paid back, and you may be limited with what you can finance.
  • Equity: This involves bringing on partners or investors who will have an equity stake in your business.
  • Franchising: Franchising is a revolutionary way to duplicate your business’s success very quickly. According to a recent study by
    PricewaterhouseCoopers, franchise businesses are responsible for 40% of all retail sales in the U.S., generating almost $1 trillion in annual sales. One in
    every 12 businesses in the US is a franchise and there are over 300 franchises that are sold every week.

Is your business the next big franchise opportunity? While franchising a business is a proven and tested way to achieve rapid growth, it’s important to
ensure that you have a business concept then can be replicated efficiently and profitably. ZOR411 can help you determine what you need to turn your business
into a successful franchise.

Many franchisors understand that franchise growth is the key to a successful brand.  Our versatile approach works to grow and realize their development
objectives.  For instance, there are a few options that we have used with success to achieve rapid growth in a short amount of time such as

Area Representative Plan

Also referred to as Master Franchising, this is when you sell the Area rights to an individual investor or group to develop it.  The AR is focused on bringing franchisees into their area or building their own “Showcase” location.  The AR shares in the royalty, so you have a
vested partner in the area that will always support the brand mission. This is one of the fastest ways to achieve brand growth in entire regions like a state
or county MSA.

Multi-Unit Developers

A Multi-Unit Owner secures multiple units at an initial discount but agrees to a specific development schedule.  This helps create a realistic pipeline of units to be developed over the next 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.  The Multi Unit Developer option for investors
working under a franchise agreement to enables them to open several franchise
units in the specified area they have purchased the rights to. This enhances
brand awareness in a given locale very quickly.

Master Developers

The Master Developer is another territory development option which is like that of the Multi-Unit except that areas they
buy the rights to are usually larger and Exclusive.

Master Representative

Much like the Area Representative, but this is International.In order to be ready for International growth
your business will need to have a strong foundation but be adaptable enough to new cultures to remain successful. ZOR411 provides much experience and access to develop your Master Rep program.