Get the right leads make work flow more efficient

One of the most difficult tasks facing many franchisors today is the ability to convert an inquiry into a sale that may take several weeks or months to mature. Although a sales organization may have some software and other tools to help manage the sales process, most sales agents don’t always follow-up on leads as efficiently as they should. In fact, sales contact normally reduces over time which often results in a missed sale. Since buying a franchise is a major purchase, many sales occur more than three months after the initial contact and can even take as long as six months or more to close.

Lead Generation

Our franchise lead generation service is all about turning leads into franchises. To that end, we offer a wide variety of programs that are extremely effective in generating industry and franchise-specific quality leads from both referral and advertising sources. For example, we may place ads on a wide variety of high traffic websites to receive inquiries from a wide cross-section of prospective franchise buyers. In addition, we have referral partnerships with major national firms that provide us with leads from prospective franchisees interested in investing in one or more franchise brands. All the leads that we generate on your behalf are entered into a sales funnel as part of our lead management system.

  • Complete lead generation and management system
  • Marketing program for quality lead generation
  • Built-in rules for managing the entire sales process
  • Robust sales reports
  • Archives all sales opportunities and documentation

Lead Management

Our approach to lead management is the hallmark of our success. We have systems and processes in place that enables us to ensure that each lead receives appropriate attention throughout the entire sales process. Our disciplined process enables our clients to be more productive that translates into higher franchise conversions for them. In addition, our lead management system has rules in place to schedule and track all sales related activities and progress; follow up meetings, tasks, calls and correspondence; and provides detailed sales reports to franchisors.

Lead Tracking

Our lead tracking process is the envy of the industry and is one of the most important methods we employ to convert a franchise inquiry into a sale. Our system maintains an electronic record of each lead profile and any related documents such as tasks, notes, email correspondence, sales material and other documents. It also tracks sales processes such as sales pipeline, dispositions, ratings, custom field data and post-sale administration. Our lead tracking ensures that each lead flows through the sales cycle with an opportunity to close at every stage in the cycle.

Lead Reporting

Our detailed sales reports give franchisors the ability to review the disposition of every lead throughout the sales cycle and measure their return on investment at any time, in real time. With a single click, you can access all reports, dashboards and prospect lists. Other benefits include; configuring and analyzing business trends across various lead types including historical progression, lead inquiry date, status update activity, conversion rate and more; and monitoring reports of email marketing activities such as our drip campaigns, newsletters and process-specific communications. Of course, franchisors will also be able to quickly see all the sales to their new franchisees.

  • Complete lead generation and management system
  • Reduces sales cycle
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Increases productivity


Our system will create more sales which will allow the franchisor to be more productive. Required documentation and agreements are automatically distributed through our system to efficiently manage the process and speed up the sales cycle. This results in improved franchisee interaction across the organization. The quality of franchisee leads plays an integral role in the operation and success of your franchise business. Our franchise lead generation service is a complete system to manage the entire sales process and close more deals in a shorter period.