PGXT (Project G) has been created to partner with emerging ZOR’s to become the next big opportunity in franchising

We provide a full suite of services to Emerging Franchisors to help navigate the early life of franchising;

When we Love an Opportunity, We Learn it; if we partner, we will Live it with you

We are partners that have been where you are and will work with you to grow the business

If you are serious, please contact us

About US

PGXT is the Venture portion of ZOR411

We are entrepreneurs with success both in and out of franchising

We recognize that the next great franchise is out there, and we want to partner with them FIRST


You must be ready to work; Everyone is busy

We work at the speed of the future franchisees - time kills deals

Our timelines are created by the needs of the business - act on time so reactions are not necessary

Concept Refinement Brand Management Business Growth